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Eric Brightwell is an artist, writer and - in - residence at the Elmonte California Art Center, who is always looking for paid opportunities for writing, speaking, traveling, and art.

Brightwell is currently writing a book about Los Angeles and has been featured in the LA Times, BoE Magazine, LA Weekly, New York Times and Huffington Post on the subject. He was a guest speaker on KCRW and then interviewed the director of public relations at the Elmonte California Art Center. Art, "which has the following forms of function after Brightwell traveled to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2012 and 2013.

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Although El Monte has more than 100,000 inhabitants, it borders mostly on South and ElMonte, and many bus lines serve the bus terminal. Other parks include the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area and the San Gabriel Valley National Wildlife Refuge.

In 1821, the Santa Fe Trail, which connected Kansas City, Missouri and Santa Fe, was extended to El Monte. As rock'n "roll took hold in Los Angeles and racial animosity cooled, big acts decided to play there instead of Elvis. It also became the site of the first U.S. post office in Southern California, which opened in 1826, just a few miles south of Santa Monica Boulevard.

As we celebrate the 75th anniversary of the city, we are trying to reaffirm our love for the so-called "pioneers" of El Monte by obtaining the historic recognition of the State of California. That deletion led to a response, but it was not until a month later that an agreement was reached, and the US Army Corps of Engineers and California State University, Los Angeles, intervened.

In 2012, historians, scientists, and community members dug into existing historical archives, scanned and preserved family photos and city documents, read existing scientific evidence, and preserved and researched El Monte's history and its history as a city. The State Commission on Historic Resources made an important correction by evaluating ElMonte's petition for a historic landmark.

Although El Monte does not currently have an official cultural space, a group of artists runs an art gallery in downtown Los Angeles. A mural and public art program was implemented, and the subway began work on the bus terminal, despite a moratorium imposed by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) on murals in public spaces.

Within the CETA program, the artists form a group of artists, many of whom are still active today, as well as the El Monte Art Society.

El Monte began in 1876 and was edited by John Prior, the founder of El Monte Baptist Church and the first evangelical congregation in Southern California. In the same year he organized it, and in the 1930s a plaque was placed on the site.

The famous 19th century trail, which turned 200 years old the next year, began in Franklin, Missouri, and ended in El Monte in 1876, just a few miles north of the city of El Paso, Texas. A city firmly established in the US nation - strictly cut off from everything and everyone from the rest of California, the United States, or even every other state in the world - it was connected to the West by a series of paths.

Although the population of Monterey Park grew much more Asian in the 1980s, political pressure from hostile veterans drove new immigrants to neighboring towns across the valley. During World War II, many Jews, Jews of color and Jews from other parts of the world were also forcibly rounded up and sent to concentration camps.

Reder and his colleague Joseph Janusz have worked to avoid a complete ban on public art in the city. Gronk said many of the artists hired to bring art to El Monte soon left, like the late artist and former mayor of Monterey Park.

Reder still paints and exhibits his works, and the lifelong educator is currently director of the El Monte Art Museum and a member of the board of directors. He was also represented in the inaugural exhibition of the New Whitney Museum, which also included works by artists such as Robert Rauschenberg, David Hockney, and John Singer Sargent.

Actor and filmmaker Timothy Carey shot most of "The World's Greatest Sinner" (1962) in El Monte. Test of Will (2005), which was shot mainly or entirely in el Monte, and the film adaptation of the novel "Empire State of Mind" by David Fincher (2003).

Gronk completed the set for the drama with the National English Opera of London, which staged "Indian Queen" in El Monte for director Peter Sellar. Gronk was one of the most influential artists in the history of Los Angeles art, and the city's cultural cache has opened up the possibility of reviving what began a decade ago, when painters could get ElMonte to have a broader cultural impact on the Southland. Nao Bustamante, who has researched her personal history as a painter, poet, writer, musician and actress, has enjoyed a long and successful career as an actress and director as well as in film and television.

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More About Elmonte