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Calhisports.com has named Damien guard Malik Thomas as one of the nation's top guards for the 2016 high school basketball class. Thomas, who recently signed with USC, is a 6-foot-8, 190-pound guard with a wingspan of 4.5 inches and a five-star recruit.

Adelanto lost his semifinal victory over Orange Vista after a fight broke out in the second half of the Spartans' second-round preseason game against San Gabriel Valley. The Lions were playing high school basketball for the first time since 2009 when an argument broke out during a game between the two teams in front of a sold-out crowd. A pair of 3-pointers by Damien guard Malik Thomas and a three-point shot by Damien J.J. Wilson helped the Spartans reach the finals of their first-ever Southern California Division II championship.

The performance propelled South El Monte High School to the top of Southern California's Division II rankings for the second year in a row. The performance was seen as well above average and earned them a draw in the battle for second place in the country's top basketball league. Southwestern put on a performance that was considered above average - average in its second playoff game against San Gabriel Valley - to advance to the round of four of its first-ever championship.

In the state, math scores are generally lower than English, so it is normal that these numbers are lower. The above-average performance was enough to put South El Monte at the top of Division II in Southern California for the second year in a row.

It is therefore difficult to compare ACT scores at South El Monte High School with those in the rest of the country. For a complete overview of the 1320 SAT scores for each school in Southern California and the entire state, click here. What you can forget about the 1330s and other SAT scores is in our full list of California high school sports scores.

While the SAT measures academic success, it suggests that South El Monte High has a somewhat poor education compared to schools with higher SAT averages. The average SAT score is 1,330, putting it in the bottom 50% of California schools. Next, we'll look at the results of the top 50 high schools in Southern California and the state as a whole. They may not have the full range of sports and curricula to draw from, and therefore may not have as many sports teams as other schools of similar size in their district.

If you are participating in a sport that South El Monte High does not offer, you should look for a local, non-school team to join.

If you support, you can participate in all sports at South El Monte High, and there are more sports available. If you have a team or watch on a local cable or satellite TV network like Comcast or DirecTV, you are lucky to get a low-cost TV antenna. Some sports, such as the NHL, NBA and MLB, are blackened, but can be viewed with an antenna without restrictions.

You can be sure that you will find more resources in the community and on the Internet and learn outside of school, such as the El Monte High School website and Facebook.

If you want to take an AP course that is not offered at South El Monte High, ask your counselor for ideas on how to fill the gaps. Talk to your adviser, who can then help you find information. If you want to see how other schools in the area are looking for diversity, you can google the name of the school or preschool to find a guide to a particular school. You need to talk to counselors and find out about the rate of students from other schools in your area and the number of AP courses available.

You don't get the full range of sports at all levels, but you can try a few options. There are several hundred students in the class, which offers an interesting range of activities and sports in each class that you can try.

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